What could be more central to closet organization than the humble hanger? Before Joy Huggable Hangers came around, there were 3 types of closet hangers.

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  1. Wood hangers – Wood hangers are the heaviest of the 3 hanger types. Predominately used for the hanging of winter coats and other not so light clothing. The top trellis of the hanger is made of wood, with a metal rod intersecting both ends across the bottom. Often, there is an additional wooden bar across the bottom edge for the hanging of suit pants or other slacks.
  2. The classic wire hanger. Made famous through cheap mass production for the dry cleaner industry, wire hangers were designed for temporary use and light items. Unfortunately, even though extremely inexpensive to produce, they often bend or buckle under a average weights, or even worse, disfigure the shape of your clothing. Wire hangers have even been known to discolor or rust in humid air, leaving horrible stain marks on your clothes.
  3. Similar in shape to the wooden hanger, the plastic hanger is fast replacing the wire hanger as the mass production standard, and is becoming very popular. Not all plastic hangers resemble the wooden hangers by providing an additional bar across the bottom for slacks, but some do. Plastic hangers are cheap and durable, but like the wooden hangers, take up lots of valuable space in your closet. Children’s clothing is often hung on plastic hangers.

Skirt clips are found on some hangers, and if the hanger is tiered, it can hold several garments concurrently. For pants, a cascading hanger hook is used to Ceiling Clothes Hanger host multiple pairs of pants in one vertical set.

The hanger as we know it today did not start off as a household item. In 1869, a wire and novelty worker invented the apparatus for retail use. General stores were using them to display gentleman’s clothes as early as 1906. It soon became a commodity with its first redesign patent (for cardboard wrinkle preventing padding) exploding on the scene in 1932, and are still a standard in the hanger industry to this day.

There was a constant search to create a wrinkle free hanger. The ultimate solution seemed to come in the form of fabric enclosed hangers, such as the ones in the Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger Sets collection. Not only are hangers chosen for their utility, but more and more, for their beauty. A jumbled, unorganized closet can be very unappealing.

Simplistic and organized closets with a sense of uniformity and style can save you time, money, space, and a sense of control in an unorganized world.

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